From: adrianl on

I'm experiencing a problem running the following Javascript code when the
URL is pointing to an IIS 7.0 server:

var url = "http://iis7srv/TestWeb/test.txt";

var x = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP.6.0");"PUT", url, false, "", "");

x.setRequestHeader( "Content-Type", "text/plain" );

var b = "Testing!";

What I've found is that if I run this and the test.txt file doesn't
currently exist, then the code succeeds; IIS returns a "201" status code and
creates the test.txt file. But when I run it when the file does exist, the
PUT appears to succeed (the last modified timestamp of test.txt updates, and
IIS returns "204"), but "send" throws an exception ("Operation aborted.").

Note that this problem does not happen when the URL is pointing to an IIS
6.0 machine.

I have a feeling I have missed something very obvious. I've searched for
others having this problem and found nothing. Can anyone offer any advice?