From: mbuzard on
This just started about two months ago - Users throughout our network will
hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and ... nothing happens. No Task Manager, no screen change,

These are all XP SP3 desktops spread across different hardware, different
builds, etc.. The software suite installed is fairly consistent. Users have
all sorts of rights (Admin, Restricted User, etc..). The only consistency is
that if it's happening for a user, it seems to happen to that user again...
every couple of days, once a week, etc.. I've done SFC, malware, antivirus -
no luck.

We've used some online java-based keyboard applets to monitor for keyboard
activity, and the system sees the keys being pressed; they just doesn't
create the desired, normal effect.

Windows-L works fine, and once Win-L is pressed, Ctrl-Alt-Del starts working

Any ideas? Even some troubleshooting resources would be great.