From: deja3-user on
I'm an administrator on the box, I can log in fine. When I go into the
users section of "my computer>Manage" and try to do ANYTHING with the
administrator account, I get:

The following error occurred while attempting to read the properties
for the user Administrator:

An internal error occurred.

I can re-name the admin account, but I can't get properties on it nor
change the password. I know what the password is supposed to be, but
windows won't let me log in with it. I've scanned for viruses and
spyware and I'm clean (except for some ad cookie stuff). Nothing in
the event log, where to go?

I've tried deleting it, which windows doesn't allow, and it tells me
that it can't delete built-in accounts, as predicted. For fun, I did a
repair of the installation and brought all patches back into the fold,
same deal.