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Actually the exe is a part of another software. I cant control how it calls
the tcl script. I can only modify the tcl script.

If i open a tclsh shell and ran 'source $env(XILINX)/bin/xilinx-init.tcl',
i'll get the same 2 error that you got.

I did raise this question in the Xilinx forum. A Xilinx employee gave me
the following solution:

[1] Create a second tcl script (second.tcl) that contains all the xilinx
tcl commands that i want to use.
[2] Include the following command in the first tcl script (first.tcl)
exec xtclsh second.tcl

So when the exe calls first.tcl, it'll in turn pass second.tcl to a xtclsh
shell to be evaluated.

It seems to be a bit of a workaround but it works.

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