From: Sean Durkin on
Hi *,

has anyone had any success with the "new" partion flow in ISE12.1?

I've been fiddling around with this for a few hours, but whatever I try,
the design fails to even finish routing on the first pass as soon as I
enable partitions.

The error messages vary, mostly it's complaining about hundreds of
unroutable nets and just quits.

I've read ug748, which mentions several prerequisites that need to be
met, all of which I believe I do meet. One that is not mentioned in the
documentation is that you need to set "keep_hierarchy" to YES during
synthesis, or it won't even find the modules you want to declare as
partitions. This at least seems kind of "logical", but still it should
be in the documentation...

I remember in earlier ISE versions they mentioned that the partition
flow had problems with GENERATE statements and GENERICs, both of which I
do use extensively. Could that be the problem?

Success or failure stories, anyone? :)


Replace "MONTH" with the three-letter abbreviation of the current month
and the two-digit code for the current year (simple, eh?).