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> We've been running an Access FE/BE with the backend in a shared location on
> the server for quite some time. Most of the PCs running the program are
> working fine.
> There are three PCs, however, that get a message: "Your network access was
> interrupted. To continue close the database and then open it again."

Did you ever resolve this? I have a similar situation: SBS 2008, Access 2007
on Windows 7 64bit PCs, with front end on the PCs and backend on the server.
I get the error message several times a day if a second PC on the network has
the front end open but hardly at all if only my PC is using it. When the
message appears, all open front ends (I may have more than one database open
at a time) are affected so it doesn't seem to be peculiar to a single FE/BE
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Not in 2007.

My databases are on a server and are often master copies of those underlying
websites I manage so they have to be in 2003 format anyway.

As far as I am aware, the problem seems to manifest itself when using the
2007 front end either across the network either from a local file (trying to
link tables for example) or remotely.



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