From: z1 on

I installed rkhunter [on Linux Mint (Ubuntu)] and then ran the rkhunter
--check command in terminal.

So it went through it's thing and came up with a report.

Up comes this :

File properties checks...
Files checked: 128
Suspect files: 2

Rootkit checks...
Rootkits checked : 111
Possible rootkits: 0

Applications checks...
Applications checked: 3
Suspect applications: 3

the two files are:

/usr/sbin/unhide [ Warning ]
/usr/sbin/unhide-linux26 [ Warning ]

And the rest where warnings arise :

Performing filesystem checks
Checking /dev for suspicious file types [ Warning ]
Checking for hidden files and directories [ Warning ]

Checking application versions...

Checking version of Exim MTA [ Warning ]
Checking version of GnuPG [ Warning ]
Checking version of OpenSSL [ Warning ]

I also ran chkrootkit and it found nothing

Much thanks