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How do I disable the "alt + S" automatic send feature?
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Davis and Cannon wrote:

> How do I disable the "alt + S" automatic send feature?

In Outlook's main UI, the shortcut keys for Send are:

F9 = Send/receive using all enabled accounts.
Shift+F9 = Send/receive using the account for the selected folder.

In a new-mail editor window:

Alt+S = Save, close, and send.

There are shortcut keys defined within the product. They are not
configurable by the end user. You may need to find keyboarding tutorials to
untrain yourself from repeatedly hitting the Alt key by mistake. You could
find software that can intercept and reprogram the scan codes transmitted by
the keyboard to, say, disable one or both of the Alt keys (whichever one you
keep hitting accidentally) but that would apply to ALL applications where
Alt+S will probably have a different function.

Alternatively, you could define an outbound rule that ALWAYS defers (delays)
sending of your e-mails. You could use a rule that delays your outbound
e-mails by 10 minutes. That gives you a 10-minute safety margin to
compensate for user blunders. However, that also means that you must leave
Outlook loaded for more than 10 minutes (or leave Outlook always loaded) to
ensure it is still running so it can send your e-mails at the later time.