From: hermann leinen on
I have never had to update iGrid.
I only used their support to ask questions about how things could best
be done, but not for help on bugs or so.


kpg schrieb:
> hermann leinen <h.leinen(a)> wrote in
> news:u8D5BFvOKHA.3992(a)TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl:
>> I have used it since 2 years now.
>> Yes, in a commercial environment. In 3 products.
>> I tried OsenXPSuite's grid before and sGrid2. Both crashed for me, and
>> I was too afraid to use them.
>> I also tried to improve sGrid2, but gave up after some months.
>> Yes, I have dealt with their support. It's good, very quick.
>> But I think after 1 year or so you have to buy an upgrade license if
>> you still want to use their support.
>> Stability is perfect, I did not ever manage to crash it.
> What I gathered from their site was that after the license expired
> you could not get free upgrades. I suppose the support would be cut
> off also. I don't expect to use their support; it's just that to me,
> good support means they are actively interested (or at least want to
> appear to be so) in the quality of their product.
> thx for the response
> kpg