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andrew wrote:
> On 2009-11-30, Freeballer <freeballer(a)nospam.invalid> wrote:
>> Could I ask you two more things?
>> 1) could I use your wiki entry and change the info for Arch linux
>> doc?(giving you permission for the majority of the document)?
> Feel free to use whatever you want from that guide. You may be
> interested to know that I maintain a slightly more technical page on the
> same subject for Slackware 13:
> Slackware 13.0 and Leafnode-2
> as a support for an installation script I wrote for,
> perhaps this might be better to plunder than the Ubuntu page?

There does seems to be more info on this second page, and some info on
logging and local groups. Also gives me an excuse to look at
slackbuilds. <- ages since I used slackware

>> 2) does the second version give any benifit a normal user would
>> want/need (that you know of)? The only thing I could think of is if it
>> had ssl
> For my own usage Leafnode 2 offers better filtering (from the remote
> NNTP server) and also allows 'expensive' scoring from within slrn. I am
> sure there are other improvements but to tell the truth I have not used
> leafnode 1 for some years so I am not completely clear on what now
> represents better function in the development version :).
> Andrew
I think I'm going to go looking around for a dev version in arch. Our
build system SHOULD be fairly easy to change enough to compile it. Or
try and see if git will give me a pkg.

thanks for answering. I should be posting it before new years but not
entirely sure when, will help alot of arch users as well as slack/ubuntu

"'Bill Gates can't guarantee Windows, so how in the HELL can you
guarantee our safety!' --John Crichton (Farscape)"
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