From: Lie Ryan on
On 05/01/10 07:54, Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
>>>> You'd put a 5K line in your source code, + you're working with text
>>>> wrapping in your editor.
>>> In the other hand, you'd put a 5K line in your source code, + you're
>>> writing, debugging, and running a script to wrap and put various escapes
>>> for quotes and newlines, + you need to figure out how to force that
>>> script to accept your 5k string.
>> + now your chunk is in obfuscated form with various quote noise,
>> unnecessary escape characters and the like.
> Personally, for Python I'd put such text in a separate text file, as I
> recommended first of all in the posting you've reacted so negatively to.

Didn't we all already agree that we wouldn't put large chunk of text
directly in source code unless we're too lazy to create a separate file
for a one-off scripts. But your suggested alternative[i.e. quoting
everything, uglily] to the proper way[i.e. creating separate file] is so
distasteful to make it looks like the only clean way of inserting chunk
of text is to create separate file.
From: Sibylle Koczian on
goldtech schrieb:
> Thank you to posters for help to my question. Seems I had trouble with
> triple quotes strings in the PythonWin shell. But using the Idle shell
> things work as expected. But this is probably another issue...any way,
> w/Idle's shell I got the "action" regarding multiline strings I
> expected.

What PythonWin version? I remember having had such trouble years ago,
probably Python 1.something.