From: Sarah on
Greetings to all

I don't really know if this is an Access question or a Windows one, but here
goes. My printer is set to default to a PDF writer - when I try to print a
document, the Windows 'Save As' window pops up and requests a file name.
Once this is entered, I click 'Save' to save the pdf file. All of this works
just fine.

Now, I have a form with textbox 'txtName', and a button 'Print'. I don't
know if this is possible, but I'd like to automate the naming of the
resulting pdf file. If the value in the txtName box is "D12" and if today's
date is March 23, 2010, I'd like the file name to be

This would save A LOT of time, so I'd be very happy to get some good advice.

thanks, Sarah