From: Auric__ on
On Fri, 05 Mar 2010 17:22:54 GMT, Dave wrote:

> Googled this and couldn't find anything. Anybody ever seen this
> behavior before?
> test.bat consists of this one line:
> echo anything>somefile.txt
> run test.bat in a cmd window and you see this:
> C:\>test.bat
> C:\>echo anything 1>somefile.txt
> What is the 1, and where is it coming from? It's not actually going
> into somefile.txt, just showing up in the cmd window. I'm not a
> newbie, and have either just never noticed this before, or something
> is screwy with all 6 of my XP SP2 boxes.

You're redirecting stdout. I don't remember the terminology, but it's "1".
"2" is stderr, so you can redirect error messages (in programs that print
them to stderr) like this:
echo whatever 2>foo.txt

This is pretty normal. Try asking in alt.msdos.batch.nt.

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