From: Dani on
Ok, I need to change quickly to AP no interruption of service.

I saw a sample in native C++ "PeekPocket" seems more speed. I have not
much experience to convert this code in C# to integrate it into my projects.

> If *that* is depressing, you'd better get on medication now -- you're going
> to need it! Try doing what you want to do in native C++. It's possible that
> some call or calls is being made by OpenNETCF that you could make once and
> not with every call into WZC. I don't have the OpenNETCF code in front of
> me, but something like that could be present. If not, the speed you're
> seeing is the speed of WZC and your network adapter driver and you'll never
> make it any faster. Generally, the adapter drivers only check those
> parameters every few seconds anyway; even if you could call in and get it
> every millisecond, it still wouldn't change every millisecond.
> We still need to know why you want this speed. Maybe you're completely
> off-track and we can point you in another direction...
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