From: Jacky Chan on

Hi there,

I'm running Postfix 2.3.3 and Redhat 5.3 ... the server daily receive 20000
~ 30000 messages. And Dovecot IMAP & POP3 services run on the same server. I
found recently found that bounce, local, procmail and occasionally flush and
smtp occupies all CPU usage and result Postfix send/receive hangs up ...

By not using 'procmail -t' (soft bounce) for quota exist users, the
suitation seems better. But still found local comsume high CPU when a lot of
connections made at the same time. The local process cannot exist by itself.

I am considering to write a script to kill such process, but wondering when
I kill process like bounce, local or flush, what will be the status of the
mail being processed by these process? will they resend (bounce, local and
flush) or save in corrupt queue?

Please advise !!

Thank you very much..

Best, Jacky
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