From: Barbara Duprey on
surewin120(a) wrote:
> The bullet feature doesn't carry the whole body with it so it aligns
> itself. Instead it works like a paragrah. The bottom part of the
> indentation can't move separate from the top. It should be able to be
> moved. This way, it will enable the paragraph to move. I don't know
> the terminologies, so please tell me if you need further clarification.

[The OP (surewin120(a) is not subscribed to the list.]

When you are using the normal methods for creating bulleted or numbered
lists, the text wraps to line up with the beginning of the list item --
that is, the indentation normally changes based on the item's level in
the list, with all the text of a particular item indented from the
bullet or number. If that is not what you are seeing, please give us
some more information. What operating system and version are you on?
What version of OOo do you have, and where did you get it? Are you
referring to what happens in Writer, or some other part of OOo? How are
you going about trying to start a list? Have you by any chance disabled
the "Apply numbering" option in the AutoCorrect options list? Can you
show us what you're seeing, if I'm not interpreting your question correctly?

By the way, please respond only to the list (discuss(a), so
others can help as needed.

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