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RnR wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Jan 2010 09:28:01 -0500, Ben Myers <ben_myers(a)>
> wrote:
>> William R. Walsh wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> Given the time frame mentioned (2003-2005), I'd have to think they
>>> were speaking of the Inspiron 1100/1150 systems at the very least.
>>> These were famous for developing overheating failures. So far as I
>>> know, repairs did not last.
>>> William
>> Despite my own tirade against the Inspiron 1100's and 5100's, they CAN
>> be kept running and running and running with proper maintenance and
>> careful customization of i8kfangui. Still have a number of clients
>> using them, but they (the laptops, not the clients) are getting to the
>> end of the line.
>> Dell in the US also got pushed into a recall and an extension of
>> warranty period for the Inspiron 5100. Bought a dead one from a company
>> several years ago, looked up its service tag, got a free replacement
>>from Dell... Ben Myers
> I like the last part. Nice.

Moral of the story is to always check your warranty... Ben
From: Ron Hardin on
My main machine (which this is typed on) is an Inspiron 1200; no problems with it
whatsoever since new, and it's been on 24/7.

I use it as a desktop though, so it's never moved, and it sits on a Belkin cooling
pad, if that matters.

I've heard the chief difficulty is the power adapter cable. But since it's not touch
ed, I never hit that problem.

External PS/2 keyboard and mouse and 24" monitor, of course, to make it liveable as a

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