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On 5/16/2010 1:16 AM, glen herrmannsfeldt wrote:

>> Once upon a time, there were systems that didn't use 8-bit characters in
>> 32-bit words. Terence mentioned DEC's 36-bit words, which held five
>> 8-bit characters and change. The CDC 6600 had 60-bit words, each of
>> which held ten 6-bit characters (nobody bothered with lower case in
>> those days). The Burroughs B5500 had 48-bit words, each of which held
>> eight 6-bit characters; its eventual successor, the B6700, also had
>> 48-bit words which each held six 8-bit characters.
> But in those cases, four characters and A4 format should work.

[bringing up something slightly different]

I was reading gfortran.pdf and happened on the place where they talk
about hollerith extensions:

Examples of valid uses of Hollerith constants:
complex*16 x(2)
data x /16Habcdefghijklmnop, 16Hqrstuvwxyz012345/

So these are 16-byte wide complex "numbers," right?

Would I use A16 to see them in output?