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I developed a 2007 database, in which i have dozens of runtime users.
because of this, we ran into missing reference issues. All of them I
corrected, but one.

In the database, I have an auto email goes out if a textbox is >0, using the
docmd.sendoject method.

But that gives the runtime user:
missing or broken reference to the file 'UMOUTL~1.DLL'

It's my understanding that cdo email method would work, but I'm also told
access 2007 doesn't handle cdo.

I am quite good with vba, but this cdo vs objmessage thing escapes me. Any
help or direction you can give would be fantastic. I tried many different
sites/code using cdo, which I have been unsuccessful.

I don't need anything fancy. No attachments, etc. Just an email
notification from one user to another.

Thank You

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