From: VK on
On Nov 28, 6:44 pm, Kailash Nadh <kailash.n...(a)> wrote:
> It is not possible to tamper with the Browse button for security
> reasons.

It is well possible to do using CSS/JavaScript or just CSS: see the
link I posted. Also in IE7 input type="file" is now finally treated as
two separate elements for styling: the input field and the button
itself. But if one needs not just styling but a custom button label as
well then he needs to stick to the linked solution. I personally would
offend to any label changes from the usability point of view, but
anyone is entitled to go to the hell by his own road :-)
From: VivianAranha on
Here is what you are looking for
From: Kailash Nadh on
On Nov 28, 3:56 pm, VivianAranha <vivianara...(a)> wrote:
> Here is what you are looking for

Ah, quirksmode, I even remember trying that particular hack once.
Sorry, totally lost it.

Kailash Nadh |
From: Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn on
VivianAranha wrote:
> Here is what you are looking for

However, that dirty hack does not conform
to accessibility guidelines and legislation.

var bugRiddenCrashPronePieceOfJunk = (
navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE 5') != -1
&& navigator.userAgent.indexOf('Mac') != -1
) // Plone, register_function.js:16