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>>>>> Put CMD in the run box first
>>>>> then when the dos prompt is open
>>>>> run the chkdsk
>>>>> then you can watch the process
>>>>> Russ
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>>>> OK, I gave it a try...
>>>> It started OK, then after a while I hear the sound of the drive
>>>> dismounting
>>>> and checking doesn't go further than step 4, at 2 percent...
>>>> It seems it can't be done, checking the whole drive thoroughly.
>>>> It seems I do have a problem with thuis drive dismounting by itself
>>>> randomly...
>>>> Any idea how to fix?
>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> ---------------
>>>> Microsoft Windows XP [versie 5.1.2600]
>>>> (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Micrisoft Corp.
>>>> C:\Documents and Settings\Mark Vos>chkdsk I: /f /r
>>>> Het type bestandssysteem is NTFS.
>>>> Volumenaam is HDDRIVE2GO.
>>>> CHKDSK is bezig met controleren van bestanden (stap 1 van 5)...
>>>> De bestandscontrole is voltooid.
>>>> CHKDSK is bezig met het controleren van indexen (stap 2 van 5)...
>>>> De indexcontrole voltooid.
>>>> CHKDSK is bezig met het controleren van security descriptors (stap 3 van
>>>> 5)...
>>>> De controle van security descriptors is voltooid.
>>>> CHKDSK is bezig met het controleren van de bestandsgegevens (stap 4 van
>>>> 5)...
>>>> 2 procent voltooid.
>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> ---------------
>>>> --
>>>> regards,
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>>>> | \/ |@rk
>>>> \../
>>>> \/os
>>> Well, it might take a looong time depending on how laaarge your
>>> external HDD is, which is unspecified.
>>> And, if you run it the way you are - from Start, Run, you will not
>>> have a log file when you are done, which may or may not matter to you.
>>> And if you run it that way and go away and come back later, it may
>>> finish or encounter an error and you will not see any results and the
>>> DOS box will be gone with no trace that it ever ran (because that is
>>> the way you ran it). That is what it should do with those options.
>>> Is that your intent or do you want to log the results or be able to
>>> follow it and read the results later?
>>> You do need exclusive access for your boot drive and it will want to
>>> run on the next reboot if you respond in the affirmative - that is how
>>> it is supposed to work.
>>> Sounds like everything is working fine!
>>> What do you mean - the drive sounds like it dismounting by itself?
>>> ---END QUOTE---
>>> Of course DO like to have a log with results, but as I wrote I couldn't
>>> do drive checking from Windows Explorer, because "exclusive access was
>>> needed" which it didn't have (although I log in as administrator).
>>> Then there is the option to plan disk checks at next reboot. I've tried
>>> that and this command seems ignored the first time, so I tried again.
>>> Now... it started checking the (2 internal) drives, which takes a very
>>> long time, and it starts all over for a second(!) time which of course
>>> takes even more time! And once started I suppose the process can't be
>>> interrupted. Working his way is a nightmare!
>>> Yes, the external drive sometimes dismounts by itself. How can I put it
>>> differently? I have to take out the power adapter to make it start again
>>> and then it is accessible again... for a while...
>> If the drive is the boot volume (it holds the WINDOWS folder), or if it is
>> hosting the pagefile,
> Neither is the case with the mentioned external USB drive.
>> you will not be able to run chkdsk on it from within Windows, it will have
>> to be checked at boot time. Any other drive can be checked from within
>> Windows, chkdsk will ask you if you want to dismount the volume, answer
>> yes and chkdsk will dismount the drive and check it. Run Chkdsk from the
>> Command Prompt:
>> chkdsk x: /f
> OK that works and fast also. But (as I wrote) I used the additional
> parameter /r. Don't I need it?

For a list of the switches used by chkdsk, open a command prompt window
and type
chkdsk /?

/F Fixes errors on the disk.
/R Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
(implies /F).

Also see

I wouldn't bother with /R.

> BTW, what happens if I don't check the checkdisk checkboxes when running in
> Windows? I understood it then doesn't fix anything. It just finishes... Can
> I see the results of the check?


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