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I don't know what you mean by "cpu is running on Safe Mode." If you are
running Windows in Safe Mode, that means you have booted (incorrectly)
off the hard drive. (F8 is only used if you are booting off a Windows
installation on your hard drive and you wish to get the menu that has
options such as Safe Mode and Last Known Good COnfiguration.) You would
need to enter the BIOS and configure it so the boot order changes -- you
would need to boot off the CD.

Could you please clarify this part:

"and ask to change the setting in the bios which I just click Lad

If your original message is accurate, this is a hardware problem. Are
you an overclocker? I Googled this phenomenon since I'm not familiar
with it. Here is one hit:

You can do so more research on your own. Enter the model number of your
ECS board and identify your BIOS. I am crossposting to this

What do you mean by p4 -- Pentium 4? If so, that is Intel, so what do
you mean by "AMD process."

In your next post, please include the *exact text* of all the pertinent

shah wrote:
> Many thanks for all the responses. Its a DIY and mobo is about 4-5
> years old dated 2005 August and its a ECS mobo. I have backup all
> data and tried using the new hdd, ram, psu and still sort of hang at
> the same point, ""Startup is starting Windows" or after I press F8,
> it hang(no progress) there. So it boils down to mobo. Do we make any
> changes to the cpu setting in the Bios as during the course ofthis
> repair, it did say that the cpu is running on Safe Modeand ask to
> change the setting in the bios which I just click Lad defaults
> Since its p4 ddr1 & AMD process, its hardly worth to fix it. So guess
> there is nothing to do but to write it off. thanks
> "Daave" wrote:
>> shah wrote:
>>> Any idea why when I install the Windows, it will sort of hang at
>>> "Startup is starting Windows". I even change the cd rom drive and
>>> also used a different XP cd, on both instances it sought of hang at
>>> the same place "Startup is starting Windows". Any idea why I cant
>>> install th windows? Earlier on, during th POST, it sas cpu is
>>> running in Safe Mode, how do we change that? Thanks
>> What is the make and model of your PC? Do you know how to enter the
>> BIOS? What is the reaosn you feel you need to perform a Clean
>> Install? Have you backed up all your data? (Be aware that a Clean
>> Install erases all your data!)
>> .

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