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Shoe <j_shoe(a)> on Fri, 23 Jul 2010 07:57:26 -0400 typed in the following:
>I am using the upgrade version. I looked at the procedures for using
>the upgrade disc on a clean install and decided that cloning the drive
>would be the easiest way to do the install. I've cloned drives before
>using Acronis and it's basically a matter of starting the program and
>walking away until it finishes. I have external enclosures I can use
>to temporarily install the drive to clone to.

I've been trying to clone the C (Clyde): drive to drive D(Doug):
and keep getting a failure mode (Error code 9 - MFTs bitmap is
corrupt) Clyde is 160 Gb, Doug is 200 and had been the music file
drive. Had been - its backed up - and has been formatted three times,
chkdsk /r and the like.

Is the solution to disconnect the hard drive and put it in an
external connection?
pyotr filipivich
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