From: vanlanjl on
Okay I have afrom titled "frmContact". this form has txt boxes that are
populated from the tblContacts. In the form header I have a cmd box called
"cmdAddFromOutlook" whe this is clicked it will open a search window form
outlook and enable the user to enter a name and the name will be added to the
records. I cannot get it to populate the txt boxes in the form though. Also I
have combo box titled "cbmSearchForUser", where the user can search for a
name in the tblContact and on click it will populate the txt boxes. Is there
a way I can set it up that if the name is not found it will automatically
open a small box to tell your the name is not listed and to open the seacrh
command for outlook and to populate the txtx boxes in the form when added?
Help appreciated! Thanks!