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On 07/08/2010 20:17, Larry Serflaten wrote:
> "mp"<nospam(a)> wrote
>> initially i thought i'd try a udt since there were only 3 properties and I
>> thought since it was all private in the same class i wouldn't get the
>> private/public compile error i get whenever I try to (mis-)use a udt.
> If you can keep it all private, you should not see a problem.
> EG: A UDT declared as Private in a class can be passed to
> Private routines within the class.

The root problem being that the collection is NOT your code, it is
effectively, a public/external class that you're trying to pass it to,
for which the udt is not available.

There are various solutions presented by the others so I won't go into
them again.

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