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> Pete Dashwood wrote:
> Big Snip
> > My opinion remains that both of you are extremely valuable people to have in
> > this forum :-)
> > Pete.
> Well said Pete.
> I have found the discussion of great value. Thanks to all who have
> participated.
> The original application was written for mini-computers that have long
> since disappeared. Much of the code is also written in C.
> The application is considered to be of very great value to our clients.
> A little background....
> The application I am working with has an installed base of hundreds of
> installations. Almost all are using executables compiled with an old
> version of MicroFucus and are running within an old version of SCO.
> We need to modernize to a more recent Unix. Obvious choice is some
> variety of Linux. We have experimented with AcuCOBOL and are now
> experimenting with Fujitsu NetCOBOL. We are keeping a single code base.
> All programs must compile and function correctly, without source
> changes, on both MF and the new compiler.

Generally it is possible to get the code between Micro Focus and
Fujitsu to be the same, BUT NetCobol for Linux 7 does not have SCREEN
SECTION or any of the X/Open Screen Handling.

If your programs have been using ACCEPT/DISPLAY .. AT or ACCEPT/
DISPLAY FROM/UPON CRT or similar then NetCobol 7 for Linux won't do

It seems that NetCobol 9 for SPARC does have X/Open that will do Micro
Focus style ACCEPT/DISPLAY. It would be nice if Fujitsu did a NetCobol
9 for Linux.

In the meantime Fujitsu on Linux is fine where the front end is
something else, eg: Web Server or SP/2.