From: Han on
The extable library comes with the program tablegenp.exe, which was
apparently written for Delphi. In order to make EC compatible with
extable, I need to remove the following code:

// remove duplicates in the sorted by adr list
i:= 0; j:= 0;
while j<nbext do
if (j<nbext-1) and (s3[j].value=s3[j+1].value) then
while (j<nbext) and (s3[j].value=s3[j+1].value) do
begin inc(j); s.add(s3[j].text); end;
s3[i]:= s3[j+1-s.count+form2.Execute(s)];
inc(i); inc(j);
end else begin
s3[i]:= s3[j];
inc(i); inc(j);
Application.MessageBox(pchar('There is '+inttostr(j-i)+' entry
discarded'), 'information', mb_ok);
for i:=i to nbext-1 do s3[i]:= s3[nbext-1];

Can anyone compile the tablegenp.exe program for me, with the above
code snippet removed? Or better yet, is there a free alternative to
Dephi that would compile the files that accompany the extable package?


From: Han on
Please disregard the post above; it was faster to just write my own
program to produce source code for the table.