From: ErikYkema on
(Oracle 10gR2 AIX6)
Stuck in a Streams apply process.
Want to convert this to start_scn to find the first archived log for
this transaction.
The transaction is not any longer in v$transaction so cannot use that
to get start_scn.
Want to use start_scn to do this:

select sequence#,name from v$archived_log where <start_scn> between
first_change# and next_change#

in order to find the first archive log to hookup to my interactive
logminer session, so I can see the SQL that I may consider to skip
(_ignore_transaction in the apply).

Can of course do some guess work, i.e. reverse my way back through the
archived redo log files starting from the file where the apply was
stuck on, but a direct hit may save time and trial-and-error.

Thanks in advance,
Erik Ykema