From: Arne Vajhøj on
G�ran Andersson wrote:
> sony.m.2007(a) wrote:
>> is there anyway to create dynamic variables at the runtime based on a
>> string input from another function
>> string datatypestring="int";
>> using this datatypestring i need to create a integer variable at run
>> there any methods available in reflection to create dynamic
>> variables(like int, double etc)

> My natural reaction every time this kind of question comes up is:
> - Why do you think that you need to create variables dynamically?
> So far I have never seen a good reason...

For fields then a Dictionary<> usually works fine.

The only reason I know for doing similar stuff is to
dynamicly generate a class at runtime with specific
properties, because objects are to be given to something
that expects properties not a Dictionary<>.

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