From: Christine Fournier on

I use PowerPoint 2003. I'm pretty comfortable using PowerPoint to create
activities for the students (thanks to some of you ;-), but I am new to VBA.
I read David Marcovitz book and I discovered a whole new world.

I created an acitivity where the teacher is asked how many words she wants
her student to copy and what those words are. After all the information is
given, there is a new presentation that is created with those words. When the
student uses the activity, she sees the word that she has to copy (on a text
zone) and she copies it in a textbox control just under it. When the words
are identical, she gets a star and the presentation advance to the next slide
with anorther word to copy.

For now, the student has to click on the textbox to get the cursor so that
she can type. I would like the cursor to already be there so that the student
only has to type. Is it possible to do it using VBA?
I know I could use an InputBox, but I want the textbox to be big, with big
letters and align with the model.

Thank you for your help and sorry for the long post (maybe with some
unecessary details and some mistakes from a French Canadian speaker).