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Simple overwriting will do just fine.
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> On 06/18/2010 12:45 PM, Jose wrote:
>> On Jun 17, 11:24 pm, "shank"<sh...(a)> wrote:
>>> Is there a way to delete files and/or select emails without being
>>> recovered
>>> by forensics?
>>> Assuming yes, is there a way to prevent forensics from detecting if you
>>> performed a delete action?
>>> thanks
>> You must remember that no matter what tool you choose to use, the
>> forensic recovery person has that tool too (and better ones).
>> If I see some "completely remove" tool like Eraser come along, I am
>> going to get it too and use Eraser on my system and then I am going to
>> figure out how to recover at least some information from a system that
>> has been Erased. I will know what an Erased system looks like and
>> what to do.
>> If I suspect you have used Eraser to delete your files, I am going to
>> already know how it works, what it does, what it doesn't do, what it
>> leaves behind and where it leaves it.
>> I am always going to try to be one step (or maybe leaps and bounds)
>> ahead of any free Internet tool.
>> If you are worried at all about your stuff, then you need to turn the
>> tables in such a way that you are a step ahead. You would have to
>> know what I have available (software and/or humans) and do something
>> that exceeds the capabilities of my resources and remove your data in
>> such a way that the resources I have will not be able to recover it or
>> the methods to recover it have not been invented yet.
>> Trouble is, you will never know the resources I have, but I probably
>> already know the resources you have and what they look like and have
>> already practiced recovering (at least something) from them many,
>> many times before you even heard of them.
> If I run a Mack truck over the hard drive, you won't be able to recover
> anything. If I take a powerful magnet to it, you'll be SOL too. And if I
> pour hydrochloric acid on the drive, you're also SOL. There are many other
> permanent ways to delete everything on a hard drive.
> --
> Alias

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Agreed with above comment.
LiveCD OS, "what if the fuzz" situation then,... make an execution
switch. lol.
2 wires clipped to opposite sides of your board plugged into a switch
connected directly to your wall outlet. (radioshack/home made) throw the
switch and watch the smoke. end of ram. and end of your computer lol. if
your crazy.
no retarded magnetic disks. flash media retains data until its reset or
written over. but fast flash media is ok for quick format in any os. or
microwave it.

why the need for such waste of hardware??when you go to jail can you
donate your hardware? do something nice :)

Email. talk about unsecure lol. If you use email as a secured method of
communication, than u are pro. lol.

how about some old skewl dial up on prepaid sat phones? mm. proxy
through the grate phirewall of china? hmm.

fun stuff, all in theory ofcourse. glwt

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