From: joneigel on
Hi Group,
I have a problem with my project dependences.

After a code refactoring (update to compact sql 3.5, methodes in
separate class...) my cab file grew up to 38 mb instead of 4 MB !
Also, I can not start a debug session, because there is no enough
space on the emulator for the many system files.
I don't know why,but VS tries to copy files like
Microsoft.VisualC.dll, Microsoft.JScript.dll,
System.EnterpriseServices.dll, System.Data.OracleClient.dll etc.
But I have no reference to this files?

By the way: my application works fine without the system files. I need
only the microsoft.visualbasic.dll.

Any ideas?


From: joneigel on
Got it!

My new class was generated as a .NET dll.
I changed it to a NETCF dll. Now the cab file has only 3 MB.