From: Stefan Taxhet on

During the last 10 years has evolved to a quite large
project in the FLOSS world and a successful product in the office
productivity suite market. Together with our product the
brand spread over the world. This brand has a tradition of quality and
it remains faithful to its origins.

For an impression of the first two rebrushed elements - the logo and a
symbol - have a look at

Instead of a complete new design we started a refresh. While it seems
always hard to adapt all input the changes point out the key components
and improves the overall impression to gain even more strength and

These elements will find their way into the next version of our product
together with the changes that are necessary due to the Oracle
acquisition as announced earlier.

The just founded Branding Initiative will be the home for the work
enabling us to use a consistent design. Your are welcome to join the
continuation of this effort in this environment.


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