From: Michael Hutton on

Love Open Office.  Let me say that right up, but there are a couple of quirks which I find very annoying.

1.  Inserting text off internet.  -  If you have already formatted your document (font, etc), and paste something from the internet, it seems to loose your previous formatting, and the webpages, and refer to 'Times New Roman' font, and different sized text.
What I would like to see is the same as above, except when you paste it, it takes on the characteristics of the formatting to the document you have just made.

2.  Pasting from other documents - Past a word or sentence, and the same thing happens as above.  I am using Calc, and when an item is pasted, the 'centred' call alignment I had before disappears.  So my new text takes on a form of its own, leaving me to repeat what I just did before.  This is extremely annoying.
There is probably a simple way to fix this, but unlike MS Word, the setup is so different I could spend an hour trying to fix this problem (or looking up how to fix it rather), and thought it would be quicker just to send an email!

3.  Setting a standard font - Very difficult and had to Google it.  Perhaps it would be easier to make it possible to set a new font up under 'fonts', to avoid the lengthy process (similar to old MS Word setup)

If you could please reply, to inform me you have received this.

Thank you and Kind Regards