From: Frank Hummel on


I've been using Open - Office for several years now and I'm
really quite happy with it. Often I thought about some features I'd
would like to
have in Open Office, so finally I decided to get in contact with you
with the
question - How can I bring in new ideas and where can I send an
e-mail with a list
suggestions for changes / additions / improvals?

My name is Frank Hummel, I'm 29 years old and I studied industrial
in Darmstadt, Germany. This is also where I still live. As a
Designer I often
think about how to improve things and make it easier for all groups
of users.

One thing, that is in my mind at the moment: I opend two ods-files
and I like to
arange the windows automativally on my desktop (50:50) to excange date
between two documents more comfortable.

I would be happy to hear from you.



Frank Hummel
Industrial Designer

Darmstadt, Germany