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Hallo folks,

iam very suffered about my OO. After over 20 years in experince with
Starwriter/Staroffice and now the new Openoffice i have the need to
purchase an Microsoft Excel program. I have it and iam feel am very very
I was confronted with an kind of problem, that makes me impossible to use
Openofficeas far as long.
All saves or load times inresaed in last time was inreeased rapidly by an
kind of internal misprogramming:
For dozens seconds and minutes the Processor Load of single or multi core
CPUwas over 50%
And not for saving, but for intermnal operatins.
I dont know exactly, whatOO programmers want to do,
making OO better..
i didnt know.
The only i see in result was an waste of Power, electricconsumtion for a
simple 1Mb Spreadsheet.
In result wee can see an fast growing up od save/load up to round about
75% of Balancer.
Then in last 25% of Progeressbar there must an Callaborating Issues inside:
The Prosess stops for long time and step by step the Progressbar works.

Now i can refer to Microsofts Excel:
An 1 Mb ODS File loads (38sec) eight time longer as the same 12Mb XLS FIle
(6sec) under same Operatingsystem.
The save of this cost most time:
An 1Mb ODS file saves (more as 4minutes) twenty time longer as the same
12Mb XLS (12sec) under WinCP.

What have my longtime fvorite OO makes so dumb and down?

Best regard

Luz Zdee Yo

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