From: Barbara Duprey on
It would be great if Paul (or another moderator, if any) could be
directly asked to force-unsubscribe somebody, like "Michael Considine"
(mlconsidine(a), who is bombing the users list with demands to
be unsubscribed. He's been given full and explicit directions on how to
do this, as well as at least one offer to help him off-list, but he's
just staying around and sometimes "responding" to every message he gets.
(I suspect that this is a troll, or perhaps a bot that runs
periodically.) There are others who seem to try but for some reason just
can't complete the unsubscribe -- maybe because the list messages are
being passed through from another account, but the confirmation message
is not. The unsubscribing would have to be forced to the extent that no
further action (like unsubscribe confirmation) is required from the
user, and I don't know if moderators have this capability.

What do you think? Would this be feasible? I wouldn't want to abuse any
moderators, they're doing a real service and it's not given much
appreciation. What I'm thinking is that somebody on the list could
supply a relevant message (by forwarding, or if that's too "forge-able"
by supplying its reference number) directly to the moderator.

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