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There's a discussion going on on the French discuss site about the
relation between the OOo Community and the 'new owner', Oracle. The
discussion arose about the preparation of OOo 3.2.1, the first release
'under Oracle'.
I thought it might be useful to open this up to the English speakers.

Jean-Baptiste Faure says in a mail from April 10:
"The object of this message is to inform you about turbulence that is
agitating the Community about the attitude of Oracle in preparation of
the version 3.2.1.
"Those testing the development version OOO320m14 that prefigures the
next version 3.2.1 have seen changes to the splash screen and the
Starting center."

Jean-Baptiste Faure says in a mail from April 12:
"To synthesize, my questioning is on two levels:
"- the place of the Community: QA procedures were not respected and
there is a lack of communication between Hamburg and the Community
(e.g. unilateral replacement of the start dialogue that the Community
chose after a contest/concourse). This shows that the Community may
have become not more than a pretext, a kind of 'FLOSS washing' like we
say 'green washing'. But the QA is based essentially on procedures
that are meticulously respected, and the Community is indispensable
for the existence and distribution of OOo.

"- the bad quality of the Start Center design: if one doesn't looks
closely (who will?) the icons look identical; they are dull and too
small compared to the whote background; the same icons can be found in
the File menu; the 4 icons below seem greyed out. If we consider the
Start Center als the entry portal to, this doesn't seem
very inviting.

"In this periode of transition of the sale of Sun to Oracle, all this
is sending a very bad signal to the Community and the users and may be
send many people running away. (...) The objective is of course to
excert pressure in orderto obtain a version 3.2.1 whose quality
satisfies all partners."

some links:
discussion on release list:
analysis of splash screen and starting ceter concepts by Christoph
Noack on branding list:
design proposed by Community (Bernhard Dippold):
about the new visual elements:
using dutch OOo 3.2 on a iMac Intel DualCore Snow Leopard
and brazilian OOo 3.2 on an Intel MacBook Pro Leopard
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