From: Jean-Baptiste Faure on
Hi all,

Current discussions about ODF icons in OOo 3.2.1, let me to make my
position more clear :

1/ I think that OpenDocument Format (ODF) is more important than the
software used to edit the documents.
2/ Obviously (Project and software) support ODF very
strongly and this support should be visible in all possible graphical
elements of the software
3/ (software) should help, through its functionalities,
the users to understand the importance of the question of the formats of
its documents (data security, independence from the software and its editor)

So I propose to:
1/ remove the possibility to use MS-Office formats as default formats in
2/ remove the possibility of conversion formats by File > Save As... In
other words this menu item should only give the possibility to change
the name of the file and switch to it to edit.
3/ add all formats removed from "File > Save As" to "File > Export".
Indeed I think that the good practice is to always work in ODF and to
chose, if needed, an export format appropriate to the use that the
recipient of the document is supposed to have. If he has only to read
the document then choose PDF and if he has to edit the document and has
only MS-Office then choose a MS-Office format. But, and it is the most
important, in all cases you keep your original in ODF as reference version.

Kind regards

Jean-Baptiste Faure
French N-L project Lead

Seuls des formats ouverts peuvent assurer la p�rennit� de vos documents.