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I'm glad that SUN gone bancrupt and Oo is under new supervision. Under SUN , things didn't go forwards.

The following suggestions I have for Oo:

1) It should be useable via LAN/internet. So that it can run on another computer and be called via web browser

2) A very simple but urgent function

People which have to do with big texts - f.ex. a book - often need an index in what pages/lines or chapters/lines appears words. However, such a text can have thousands of pages, and of different words. The normal index way - where one have to tell the program WHICH words one want to get indexed - don't work.

There is necessary a function which makes MOST SIMPLE POSSIBLE a index/word-list of ALL words in the text.

There should me not more than the following parameters : a) limit chars of the words, f.ex. 4 for get an index of all words with 4 or more characters; b) select if you want an index pages:line or chapter:line

This is a very easy but very urgent function for many people which treat big texts.

You could Try to put it in still on Oo 3.2

werner landgraf


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