From: DrNoiZ on
Dear sirs,

thank you very much for developing and improving your excellent open office
but as I was downloading the Greek version for windows found out that there
is a version in
"macedonian" language.

As I can recall there is no such language recognized in the whole world.The
state of FYROM is worldwide
recognized by that official mane (FYROM) and there is no such language
called "Macedonians" recognized from anyone in the world
since the ancient Greeks who lived in Macedonia (which is part of Greece
since the ancient times) where speaking
Greek and not that slav-bulgarian mix of FYROM's language.

Therefore I suggest you change it to something more close to the name of the
state such as:
Fyromians , Fyronians ,Fyronics ,Fyromanians , etc.

I am sure you will correct that mistake in order to be accurate to your
product and to your customers.
History and facts cannot change.


Dr NoiZ
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