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I did increase the timeout entry and same result, so I dropped a note to WD
support at their website along with jpg's of their Status reports which show
drive 'Exceeded Threshold' on some drive variables that meant nothing to
me. I sent that info along as well as a few Error '51' logs from errorlog. I
asked " what do the results of their reports mean?" as well as " I see newer
firmware on your site, might that address my problem? Can you give me a
pointer to a webpage that lists what the update does ?"
I just got their reply - which has no info about what I asked and is a :
"Press F5 to send the customer a standard 'first line of troubleshooting'

"Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. I
apologize for the inconvenience. Did you check your hard drive for errors
and defragment it? If this does not fix your hard drive's partition problems
then something damaged your drive's partition. I would recommend that you
use drive partitioning or data recovery software to repair your hard drive's
partition. I would also recommend that you run an Extended Test using our
Windows diagnostic utility. If you don't care about the information on the
drive then you should be able to repartition/format it and it should work."

Well isn't that special ?
I'm gonna write them back a quick note, like:

Did you even read my info/ questions?
As I said - yes I did defrag.
As I said - this is only an archive drive -- no daily heavy activity, so
fragmentation was/is not an issue.
The drive shows INTERNAL errors - THAT's what I'm asking about. At some
point a SMART drive "fails". It seems to me that this is on the way to that
As for retention, if I didn't care about the info on the drive I would not
have bought a one TERAbyte drive.
And to back it up to ....?
Re: " you should be able to repartition/format it and it should work." Well
what if it doesn't ?
What if I have already spent hours migrating all of my data to this new WDC
drive ?

I suggest that under the warranty program WDC send me another drive. I then
copy all of my data to the new one, and send this bad one back under
warranty .... I like that solution much better.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda... I originally was gonna buy Seagate, but when I
got to Best Buy, these were on sale for $40 off. I checked online and
reviews at Newegg etc seemed ok.
Anyone have issues with their Seagate external drives ?

"Patok" <crazy.div.patok(a)> wrote in message
> Hello, Bobb, I just now saw your thread. I would have answered before
> and saved you some work. I had that problem, asked here at the end of May,
> and solved it. Read about it here:
> In short, it /is/ the WD external drive, and it is working fine, nothing
> wrong with it, just a little slow to spin up. You can stop the warnings by
> increasing the disk timeout value in the registry:
> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Disk]
> "TimeOutValue"=dword:00000020
> Moral of the story: always do a search first, before asking questions.
> :)
>>> - Bobb - wrote:
>>>> Yesterday I got about 100 of these in a row:
>>>> Event Type: Warning
>>>> Event Source: Disk
>>>> Event Category: None
>>>> Event ID: 51
>>>> Date: 7/7/2010
>>>> Time: 10:10:56 PM
>>>> User: N/A
>>>> Computer: AMDbox
>>>> Description:
>>>> An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\D during a paging
>>>> operation.