From: Randem on
Reset IE8 to the default settings and try again.

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From: Robbywon on
Went in through the back door as Administrator and downloaded files to
external drive then installed and it worked. Thanks Allan, Randem, and Akshay.

"Allan" wrote:

> "Robbywon" <Robbywon(a)> wrote in message
> news:31B407AA-250D-49E5-A84E-CFA04A88378A(a)
> >I have reinstalled XP Pro on my old Acer 4653LMI. I have downloaded and
> > installed all recent updates from Microsoft. I have downloaded Java
> > updates
> > as well. I have tried to download adobe reader and flash player with
> > windows
> > firewall on and off as well as AVG antivirus on and off.
> > Every time I try to download adobe reader or flash player I get a doc
> > watson debugger error and the internet explorer 8 freezes at which time I
> > bring up the device manager and end the process. I have run avg in safe
> > mode
> > and malware bites as well to see if anything was swong and nothing is
> > amiss
> > in those areas.
> > What do I need to do to correct this issue. Reinstall XP?
> > Any positive suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Please send replies
> > to robbywon(a)
> Go to and sign up for an Adobe ID (personal account).
> Then you can post to Adobe forums with questions about installing Macromedia
> Flash, Shockwave, Adobe Reader, Adobe AIR, etc. . It may have nothing to do
> with your installation of Windows XP Pro.
> .