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Hi Basanta,

Basanta shrestha a �crit :
> [snip]
>>> Now trying to make my computer a full fledged mail server. I am behind ADSL NAT
>>> got a dyndns address
>>> In adsl router, configured the above address, port forward tcp port
>>> 110 to 192.168.0.x ( x being ip address of my computer)
>>> can resolve to ADSL WAN IP address.
>> 110? that's not smtp. please take the time to learn about smtp, pop3 and
>> imap. these are completely different things. postfix only implements smtp.
> You'd better gone through the very first mail on the thread before you
> gave your valuable time and suggestions.

hmmm. I actually replied to your original post (if you use a "thread
aware" mailer, you'll see that easily). BTW, I also read your other
posts (so if I missed something, it's not because I didn't read, but
maybe because I'm too old:).

> That I am also using dovecot
> for pop3 and I am trying to port forward the request comming to the
> pop3 (110) on my router (only public ip) to the mail server which is
> behind my ADSL NAT.

my meaning was that: you'll get better help here if you concentrate on
smtp related issues. if you say you have a POP issue, we'll simply wait
until you fix it. compared to SMTP, POP(3) is a trivial protocol. As
long as you have problems with POP(3) or IMAP, focus on that. SMTP is a
harder beast.

> >
> I seem to have found the problem. the port 110 is not seen from
> outside world. issue with adsl router I guess.

If it's a 110 port issue, then it's not postfix related. which is what I
tried to say. obviously, I wasn't clear enough. sorry and good luck...