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From: escamacu on
Chris, Thanks so very much for the Edgewood video and JR Hall's cd. I had
no idea that there was one of those. The new video is perfect and so is the
first one after I finally figured out how to play it properly. All of you
did a wonderful job, but I do have one question about your "cut and paste"
on Sara's interview. Where on earth did the Audubon Wild Turkey come from?
I have it here and am thinking about donating it back to go over the dining
room mantle where it belongs. Have not quite made up my mind yet. Thanks
again for all of your hard work and the entire crew. It was an awesome job
with some funny mistakes that only family would have known such as Sara and
me playing on the front porch. She is almost 9 years younger! The tipsy
tea party never happened. I was there and "Eulalie" never served alcohol at
any of her parties. One reason was that Mother and my Grandfather both
drank like fish. Oh well, it was funny as hell! As you now know Sara lived
in the "Goss" house which was lived in by Mrs. McLain (sp?) of Hope diamond
fame. Eulalie bought it from her later and turned it into apartments. Sara
was born there and lived in it until Julian built a home on Kershaw Place,
where he lived until his death several years ago. Thank goodness for his
endowment to USCA. If he had waited much longer Sara would have seen to it
that ya'll got nothing, as she did to me, my son, Hattie, St. Thaddeus and
the Red Cross. So much for family feuds. She has come around quite a bit
in the last six or seven months. Let's keep in touch. I am starting to go
through some other stuff, some of which I am sure you all would like to
have. Fondly, Salleyckoelker(a)gmail.comckccc

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