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Vote with your Dollars, Yen, Euros, etc... IOW, if you don't like it,
don't buy it. There are many alternatives. Unless a very large mass
purchases open alternatives then nothing will change.

Clearly the people have spoken and buy lots of iPhones and iPods. I
guess for many DRM is not that big of an issue. The FSF has failed to
educate the masses on the "evil" of DRM. Ask any i* user on the
street. They will just tell you to stop bothering them. They don't
care. They do not see a problem.

And don't be fooled. HTC (maker of Andriod phones) executives would
love to get 30% of all apps and media sold on their devices.
Emulating Apple's successful model is where the industry is heading.
E.g. Amazon has had to up media prices for Kindle.

BTW, Apple didn't create this model, look at the consumer electronics
industry. Look at every game console back to the Atari 2600. Look at
the PSPs, Gameboys, etc... Look at the note Bill Gates sent to the
Home Brew computer users when his BASIC was being freely distributed
on the Altair. DRM is inevitable as corporations seek to protect
profits. Apple is just another consumer of DRM. DRM is just going to
grow for better or worse.

Don't like it. Don't buy it.

P.S. I don't advocate DRM, just stating the facts.
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New video

The iPhone will also run emu48 on iPAD