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m48 iPHONE (emu48) version 1.2 feb 2010
From: Jacob Wall on
On Feb 5, 5:10 pm, elkar <elkinarbel...(a)> wrote:
> m48 iPHONE (emu48) version 1.2 feb 2010

Well m48 is definitely the best HP 48 emulator for the iPhone, IMO,
and I now see a m48+ information blurb stating upcoming I/O functions,
awesome!, what about 50g emulation? Is anybody working on that? Is
it within the legal realms even? I try to have my 50g with me at all
times, however it sits in the vehicle while my iPhone is in my pocket,
so there is quite often a situation when m48 is used.
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Wolfram Alpha for the iPAD, iPHONE, and iPOD touch

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On 2/6/2010 3:38 AM, supergems wrote:

But it's not a general purpose computer.