From: Rod Speed on
Joe wrote:

> Just tried that- installed a new flash drive- but it added a new letter- didn't use one of the old ones- then when I
> chose to "remove" it- the OS just removed the new letter.

Dont you get to select which one you want to remove ?

If you dont, the problem isnt with flash drives lasting forever, its
just with drive LETTERS persisting, a different matter entirely.

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>> Joe wrote:
>>> I stupidly, twice - after using USB flash drives- just pulled them
>>> when done without properly removing them. Now they are permanently
>>> listed in my "device manager" and in "my computer". I went into
>>> device manager and tried to uninstall them. It seemed to work but
>>> the next time I booted up- Vista found drivers and now they're back
>>> in "my computer" and the device manager. This doesn't seem to be
>>> causing a problem but I'd like to get rid of them.
>> Have you tried safely removing them like you should have done in the
>> first place ?