From: Grant Likely on
Hi Linus,

Here's a set of build fixes related to the of_node and of_match_table
device changes. All trivial fixes.


The following changes since commit aef4b9aaae1decc775778903922bd0075cce7a88:
Linus Torvalds (1):
Merge branch 'next' of git://

are available in the git repository at:

git:// merge

Alexandre Bounine (1):
of/powerpc: fix 85xx RapidIO device node pointer

Anatolij Gustschin (3):
of/spi: mpc512x_psc_spi.c: Fix build failures
of/mtd/nand: mpc5121_nfc.c: Fix build failures
of/dma: mpc512x_dma.c: Fix build failures

Grant Likely (3):
of/usb: fix build error due to of_node pointer move
of/spi: Fix build failure on spi_ppc4xx.c
of/rtc: rtc-mpc5121.c: Fix build failures

Michael Guntsche (1):
watchdog: Fix build failure with OF changes

arch/powerpc/sysdev/fsl_rio.c | 2 +-
drivers/dma/mpc512x_dma.c | 10 +++++-----
drivers/mtd/nand/mpc5121_nfc.c | 8 ++++----
drivers/rtc/rtc-mpc5121.c | 14 ++++++++------
drivers/spi/mpc512x_psc_spi.c | 12 ++++++------
drivers/spi/spi_ppc4xx.c | 2 +-
drivers/usb/host/ehci-xilinx-of.c | 2 +-
drivers/watchdog/mpc8xxx_wdt.c | 2 +-
8 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)

Grant Likely, B.Sc., P.Eng.
Secret Lab Technologies Ltd.
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