From: Peter Duniho on
sahel wrote:
> what u did that now u r very good at c#

He practiced, and read the documentation.

He also learned to spell words correctly (in languages other than his
native one, no less!). You might try that sometime.
From: Arne Vajhøj on
On 14-03-2010 14:12, sahel wrote:
> On Mar 14, 9:08 pm, Arne Vajh�j<a...(a)> wrote:
>> On 14-03-2010 14:01, sahel wrote:
>>> I wrote a program that it has error if u have time plz help me;
>>> It must get 5 char from user (without pressing Enter key)
>>> Than shows each of the char in different line
>>> But it has this error : Error 1 Cannot implicitly convert type
>>> 'System.ConsoleKeyInfo' to 'char'

>>> d= Console.ReadKey(false);
>>> string1[i]=d;

>> Try:
>> string1[i]=d;
>> ->
>> string1[i]=d.KeyChar;

> what u did that now u r very good at c#

You learn programming the same way you learn other things:
study and practice.